The Sinclair Method Guide

How To Use TSM In Five Easy Steps

The Sinclair Method's own website provides a simple, but comprehensive, guide to using Nalmefene/Naltrexone to overcome your AUD.

The biggest challenge with TSM is preparation, before, during and after treatment. You must be 100% compliant in taking Nalmefene/Naltrexone 1-2 hours before drinking alcohol.

To view and use The Sinclair Method's five-step guide click here.

IMPORTANT: This website and its content are solely for information purposes and neither is to be taken as a replacement for qualified medical advice. We advise everybody to seek guidance from their physician before embarking on any course of treatment. This website and its content, other than where personal experience is discussed, talk about this form of treatment and the medications in a general manner and should be taken only as such. Where descriptions of personal experience are discussed, they are to be taken as that; personal. It is extremely rare for any two people to have exactly the same experience with any medication.

*The Sinclair Method (TSM) uses naltrexone. In Ireland, nalmefene is more commonly used and easier to obtain although naltrexone can be prescribed off-label for the same purpose. Nalmefene is a sister product of naltrexone and for the purposes of ease of reading and further research, the terms The Sinclair Method and TSM are used on this website and reflect the fact that nalmefene when taken as outlined in TSM is TSM in all but name.

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