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No Alcohol "Alcoholic" Drinks

Non-alcohol "alcoholic" drinking has become more and more popular in recent years. The quality of zero alcohol beers and wines used to be pretty poor. Non-alcoholic spirits were once unspeakably bad. That has all changed as industry leaders in producing alcoholic drinks as well as newcomers to the market have invested money in creating quality products. There is even a non-alcoholic pub in Ireland these days, the Virgin Mary on Capel Street in Dublin. I've been there a couple of times and enjoyed the ambience and the tasty beverages. In fact, most of the more popular bars and pubs have non-alcoholic alternatives available these days.

Just like with their alcoholic equivalents, these drinks don't need to be consumed in a bar. In fact, they can be a great accompaniment to an evening meal or a night in. From time-to-time I enjoy them at home, particularly on a hot sunny day (which we didn't have too many of this year!) or at a time like Christmas (oh no, I swore I wouldn't mention that word until at least mid-November!) when other people are indulging. They're a nice change from fizzy drinks or water and if other people are being pushy in terms of drinking, a glass of non-alcoholic beer, wine or your favourite spirit looks exactly the same as the real thing and keeps them from pestering! If this sounds like something you'd like to try or if, like me, you already enjoy non-alcoholic alternatives and are looking out for good recommendations, The Guardian has published an article called Alcohol-Free Drinks That'll Make You Happy Not To Drink. An important heads up! Non-alcoholic "alcoholic" drinks work for some people and not for others. As I said, I enjoy them occasionally and I have never had a problem with them. They've never triggered me back towards the real thing. However, I have friends who have similarly quit drinking for whom they're a big no no! They find non-alcoholic versions leave them open to slipping back into old habits and so they avoid them. Only you know and can decide if they're for you or not. If you feel you're in danger of starting drinking alcohol again because of these drinks, either ensure you take your nalmefene or naltrexone appropriately before drinking the real thing or avoid the non-alcoholic alternatives altogether.


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