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Lockdown Level 5 - The Reprise

So it's been declared, we're back into living with the highest restrictions. Ireland is going to experience a hermit-esque lifestyle for at least the next six weeks. This isn't exactly the best news for those who are already struggling with alcohol. It's also not a great development for those who suffer with depression, anxiety or any of the other mental health difficulties which so often go hand-in-hand with over-drinking. That the news isn't good doesn't mean we should be defeatist though. The most difficult times make us stronger. We've been through a lot this year in Ireland, as has the rest of the world, but you can seize this moment to make a change to your life which will mean 2020 goes down as one of the most important in your lifetime! Curing Alcoholism Ireland is still here through the return of lockdown level 5 to answer your questions about The Sinclair Method, nalmefene and naltrexone. If you're struggling, reach out to us. Have a look around the website or send us an email and we'll be glad to help. Let's make this year one which the rest of the world remembers as a covid nightmare but you look back on in the years to come as the one when you kicked your bad drinking habits into touch and took back control of your life!


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