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Am I An Alcoholic?

If you're worried about your drinking, the chances are you've asked yourself "am I an alcoholic"?


The most important message is that whether you are or not, if alcohol is causing you problems, today is the best day to start claiming your life back from the drink. In actual fact, you may not be an "alcoholic". You don't need to be for booze to be making your life difficult. You may simply be suffering with what is today termed alcohol use disorder (AUD). The term used in the past was "problem drinker". "Alcoholic" is a very subjective term. For someone, being "alcoholic" might mean not being able to resist a second glass of wine of an evening. For others, "alcoholic" might signify having lost everything good in your life to alcohol and being a slave to the bottle. This is part of the reason why the term "alcoholic" has become unpopular. Another major reason is the shame and stigma attached to being an alcoholic.

The reality is time and medicine have moved on since Bill W formed Alcoholics Anonymous. Nobody sensible would ignore the good work AA has done over subsequent decades. Equally, nobody sensible would suggest AA is a magic bullet that cures all alcohol-related ills for everybody who attends a meeting, The truth is that nowadays there is a clinically proven cure for people suffering difficulties with alcohol. That cure is The Sinclair Method.

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