What is Curing Alcoholism Ireland?

Curing Alcoholism Ireland is a blog established to provide information targeted towards those TSM can help in Ireland. As an Irish-based blog we are best placed to provide the most accurate information possible as it pertains to people recovering or seeking recovery from alcoholism or AUD in Ireland. We can also provide you with information on making TSM as affordable as possible for your circumstances.

What is Curing Alcoholism Ireland not?

Curing Alcoholism Ireland is not a medical organisation and cannot give specific patient advice. We can provide information on TSM and advocate for you by providing information which you can present to your doctor but ultimately whether you embark on TSM is strictly a decision for you and your physician. We are also not a pharmacist.

I don't live in Ireland, what can you do for me?

If you don't live in Ireland, the information this blog provides can still be of use to you but we can also put you in contact with organisations better placed to help you in your specific location. This can be done through us contacting them on your behalf with your permission or by us giving you contact details which you can use yourself.

Do you respect confidentiality?

Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We will never reveal your information to any other agency unless you expressly ask us to do so or there are serious grounds to believe that not doing so would pose a significant threat to your or somebody else's safety.

Do you profit from sales of TSM medications/TSM related tools?

Curing Alcholism Ireland does not hold any shares or interests in any company which produces or is connected with any TSM medications/related tools and does not stand to gain anything from the sale of such items. We also do not sell anything through our website nor endorse anything for sale. Curing Alcoholism Ireland is entirely non-profit making and currently has no financial aspects connected to its service whatsoever. If this were ever to change, Curing Alcoholism Ireland undertakes to be up-front about this and make this information freely available.

What if I fail?

TSM does not have a success/fail aspect which mirrors those of more traditional treatments. Human nature is that all progress encompasses difficulties as well as achievements. Neither nalmefene nor naltrexone are "magic bullets" for alcoholism/AUD. Your difficulties with alcohol almost certainly built up over time and it will take time to overcome them. As TSM does not focus exclusively on abstinence, this means there is no black and white situation and everybody's TSM progress is likely to be different. This is why it is such a good idea to keep a drink log so you can take an objective view on how your are doing and keep up your motivation. It is also useful to make realistic goals and accept that progress is progress regardless of how quickly it happens. Remember, for extinction (or until you feel "fixed") to be achieved usually takes 6-12 months.

IMPORTANT: This website and its content are solely for information purposes and neither is to be taken as a replacement for qualified medical advice. We advise everybody to seek guidance from their physician before embarking on any course of treatment. This website and its content, other than where personal experience is discussed, talk about this form of treatment and the medications in a general manner and should be taken only as such. Where descriptions of personal experience are discussed, they are to be taken as that; personal. It is extremely rare for any two people to have exactly the same experience with any medication.

*The Sinclair Method (TSM) uses naltrexone. In Ireland, nalmefene is more commonly used and easier to obtain although naltrexone can be prescribed off-label for the same purpose. Nalmefene is a sister product of naltrexone and for the purposes of ease of reading and further research, the terms The Sinclair Method and TSM are used on this website and reflect the fact that nalmefene when taken as outlined in TSM is TSM in all but name.

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